Optimize Your Brain, Optimize Your Life with Dr. Dale Foster

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Chime in with Amanda Watson Johnson Podcast
December 31, 2021, S2E24, 1 HR 34 MIN

“On this episode Amanda sits down with Clinical Neuro Psychologist, Dr. Dale Foster, for a thought-provoking conversation on optimizing our brains and our lives. Amanda had the distinct honor of working with Dale this year, while trying out neurofeedback therapy. They discuss her experience and the benefits that come along with this type of work. They also explore the power of living in the now, how to be in a state of flow, the importance of unitive experiences, sleep hygiene and how we can heal trauma through controlled psychedelics, amongst a myriad of other fascinating topics.”
Connect with Dr. Dale Foster: https://neurosource.net/
Connect with Amanda: https://linktr.ee/amandawjohnson

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