Be Good to Your Brain: Take Your Concussion Seriously

Lee AnnBrain Injury, Neurofeedback

by Dale S. Foster, PhD I have been helping others, and myself, tune up our brains with neurofeedback and neurostimulation technologies for over thirty years. Every time I interview someone for the first time, whether it is for peak performance training or to help with a brain problem, I ask, “Have you ever had a brain injury?” Most respond initially with no. However, upon further questioning they almost always change their answer, remembering a time or times when they hit their head hard enough to alter their consciousness. Upon further reflection, many remember how a brain injury changed their lives … Read More

Timing is Everything

Lee AnnMental Health, Neurofeedback

Dale S. Foster, PhD When I was 14, I got a job working in my grandfather’s garage washing the cars from his used car lot. Before anyone could tell me not to, I was driving the washed cars from the wash rack back to the lot. I remember the day I learned experientially the difference between an automatic transmission and a manual transmission. I had observed others drive a straight shift many times, but I had never done it myself. With the overconfidence of youth, I decided it looked easy enough and so I hopped in the driver’s seat of … Read More

Tune Up Your Brain, Tune Up Your Life

Lee AnnNeurofeedback

I got my first job as a teenager working in my grandfather’s garage. I started out washing the cars on his used car lot and worked my way up to helping the mechanics service customers’ cars and tune up their engines. Getting to drive the cars across the street from the used car lot to the wash rack and back was quite a thrill for me as a 14-year-old. But even more thrilling to me was gaining an understanding of how internal combustion engines worked, enabling cars to provide such wonderfully joyful transportation. I was especially struck by how looking … Read More