Age Like Fine Wine

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By Lee Ann Foster, MS Human beings are amazing – at all ages. When we are young we explore, learn, and create. As we age we share the wisdom we have gathered through the years with the younger generations to make this an even more beautiful world. We are meant to age like fine wine, not be disabled by chronic diseases as we grow older. Lifestyle habits created by profit driven industries catering to convenience hungry Americans have made our population among the sickest in the modern world. If chronic disease continues to grow at its current rate, our country … Read More

Three Habits for a Healthier Happier Brain

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We all want to experience a deep sense of meaning in our lives. We want to know that our lives matter and feel like we’re making a positive impact in the world. Our brain’s ability to function well affects our ability to feel satisfied and happy with our lives. When we are unable to sustain focus and concentration, when we’re distracted by the shiny objects and squirrels all around us, it’s very difficult to stay a course of action that leads to success and a sense of fulfillment. There are many people in our world suffering from anxiety and depression … Read More

Epigenetic Wellness Coaching: Your Personalized Wellness Plan

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Did you know that, for the most part, your genes do not determine your destiny? Even if you have genes that increase your probability of certain diseases, through lifestyle modifications, you may be able to influence whether those genes express; in other words, turn on, or do what they are supposed to do. Epigenetics refers to changes in gene expression that occur without altering the actual genetic code. Our gene expression can be changed through dietary, environmental, and various lifestyle factors. For instance, exercise has been shown to change the expression of nearly 7000 genes. When we consider that our … Read More