Top 5 Benefits of Neurofeedback

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My name is Michelle Gross and I am a neurofeedback technician at NeuroSource.  As I help people train their brains with neurofeedback, I get to see firsthand the benefits of this drug free, evidence- based brain training.

The top 5 benefits I see are:

  1. Improved ability to control mood
  2. Increased focus and concentration
  3. Reduction in need for or even freedom from medication
  4. Better pain management
  5. Enhanced motivation to live a healthy lifestyle

New clients often come in because they are experiencing symptoms such as poor focus and concentration, anxiety, fatigue, muscle tension and pain, as well as other brain or nervous system related symptoms. The QEEG brain map helps us understand why clients are experiencing these symptoms by showing us all the areas in which the brain is dysregulated.

As we retrain the brain with neurofeedback, clients’ symptoms are often reduced or even eliminated. Through the training process, I have seen clients learn how to remain calm and focused even in the face of things that once stressed them. When clients learn to self-regulate their stress response and their brainwave patterns, they experience more energy, focus, clarity and joy. They are able to do more of the things they want to do and perform with far greater ease. After a course of neurofeedback training, clients are able to focus longer on tasks that once exhausted them, and they perform better than they did prior to training.

Clients often come to us because they do not want to continue having to take prescription medications that just mask their symptoms, fail to address the underlying causes of their struggles, and cause negative side effects. As they progress in neurofeedback training, clients on prescriptions are able to work with their prescribing providers to safely titrate down from the medications so they either need less or can get completely off.

I have seen people that use cigarettes to cope with anxiety become free from that addiction through this training. As people learn how to shift from a state of distress to a state in which they can use the energy of stress for their benefit, their need for medicating with prescriptions, over-the-counter aids, alcohol and cigarettes goes away.

I have also seen clients needing prescription or over the counter sleep aids overcome that need. By training specific regions of the brain that are involved with sleep regulation, clients’ brains learn to sleep on their own.

As the brain heals, the rest of the body follows. Many clients come to us with chronic pain, limited physical function, or gastrointestinal issues. As training progresses, clients report decreased pain and inflammation, increased physical stamina and strength, and less tummy troubles.

I have seen a client physically impaired by a stroke that happened decades prior to neurofeedback training overcome limitations he assumed he would have to live with the rest of his life. After neurofeedback paired with safe, non-invasive brain stimulation, this man reported that he was able to work out more intensely than before and was able to significantly strengthen the areas affected by the stroke.

Through our pulse electro-magnetic field therapy, I have also seen clients affected by gut related symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, and abdominal pain relieved of their discomfort and symptoms.

Neurofeedback helps the brain train itself. This powerful tool proves to clients that they have a great level of control over their own health. As clients see the power they have over their own quality of life, they become increasingly motivated to learn to live in ways that optimize their brain, body, and spirit. As everyday life improves, clients become inspired to continue their health journey with more dedication than ever.

At NeuroSource, lives are changed one session at a time. Our clients attest to the positive impact our services have made on their lives and I get to see it each day that I come to work. I enjoy getting to work with people as they recover, and share their stories of strength, hope and victory.