What Does Magnesium Do For Us?

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Magnesium is an essential mineral for human beings and nearly half of the US population does not consume or absorb sufficient levels of magnesium for their bodies to function optimally. The average person needs 350-400 mg / day of magnesium and athletes can require 10-15% more. Magnesium is necessary for our cells to both produce and use ATP which is a primary currency of human energy. If cells don’t create enough ATP, they cannot carry out all of their basic biological functions. The effects of this cellular deficiency are that we become fatigued, perform sub-optimally, and become more susceptible to … Read More

Top 5 Benefits of Neurofeedback

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My name is Michelle Gross and I am a neurofeedback technician at NeuroSource.  As I help people train their brains with neurofeedback, I get to see firsthand the benefits of this drug free, evidence- based brain training. The top 5 benefits I see are: Improved ability to control mood Increased focus and concentration Reduction in need for or even freedom from medication Better pain management Enhanced motivation to live a healthy lifestyle New clients often come in because they are experiencing symptoms such as poor focus and concentration, anxiety, fatigue, muscle tension and pain, as well as other brain or … Read More